Astrology in Medicine:


The medical astrology, which is a branch of astrology, is one of the various facets of the divine science of astrology for the benefit of the mankind.

We focus on Management of disease with the help of Birthchart analysis.

This includes:

(1) Birth Chart Analysis
(2) Gems Therapy
(3) Meditation
(4) Storatras according to your birthchart

Birth Chart Analysis

Medical Astrology provides useful information about simple health matters to complicated psychological & Physical problems and phobias a person may suffer. By detailed analysis of birthchart & Planet Placement one can reveal present state of health and also indicates future state of health and diseases one likely to face..

Gems and Medical Astrology

Gemstone Colour Planet Lord
Ruby Red Sun Suryadev
Pearl White/Rose Tints Moon Shiva
Coral Blood Red Mars Ganesh
Emerald Green Marcury Vishnu
Yellow Sapphire Yellow Jupiter Dattatreya
Diamond Indigo Venus Durga
Blue Sapphire Violet Saturn Shani
Hessonite Garent Ultra Violet Rahu (Neptune) Rahu
Cats Eye Infra Red Ketu (Pluto) Ketu